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Online desvenlafaxine 50mg sales reviews, brand desvenlafaxine price, target brand desvenlafaxine
Online desvenlafaxine 50mg sales reviews, brand desvenlafaxine price, target brand desvenlafaxine

Author: Online desvenlafaxine 50mg sales reviews, brand desvenlafaxine price, target brand desvenlafaxine

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Pristiq seems to be the medicine that works the best for my fibromyalgia. I was taking 100mg awhile and felt great except for not being able to sleep well, so I went back to 50mg. I may go back to 100mg and take something for sleep. God Bless all of us with this disease. I have had this for 9 years and have tried everything.
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I was very reluctant to go on medication but my anxiety that was overwhelming increased to such an extent I was very unmotivated professionally and personally. For the first 3 days I felt very nauseous and had little appetite which was great as it stopped that overeating I had. I lost 2kgs within the first few days and then suddenly the nausea was gone, my head was very clear, I have been able to concentrate again and am genuinely surprised at its effect only a week and a half in.

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